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4 januari, 2019

We wish all our customers a happy new year with lots of product news. Here you will find our absolute favorites!

Champagne cooler, V Home Design AG551438

Cool down the evening’s drink in this stylish champagne cooler.

Wine cooler, V Home Design AG551256

Stylish wine cooler in silver. Suitable for all homes.









Thea Ceiling 1 Light, V Home Design AG239023

Light up your home with this cool lamp from V-Home Design.











Ceiling Sabelle 1 Light, V Home Design AG457074

Fits just as well in the living room as over the kitchen table.










Champagne cooler Octopus, V Home Design AG553534

A unique champagne cooler with fun design.










Ceiling Light Ciara 1, V Home Design AG239022

Design lamp from V-home Design.










Ljusstake 9 Ljus, V-Home Design AG551219

A stylish candlestick to set on the kitchen table or in the window frame.











Washer With Candlesticks, V Home Design AG551229

Decorate your home with this design tray with candlesticks.











Recycled Wine rack 4 bottles, V Home Design AG551113

Store your wine bottles in this fine wine rack. Also available for 6 bottles.